first three weeks of school

well, i've been in school for three weeks now, and things are just dandy!
my professors are all pretty amazing. already chemistry has consumed my life, but i am rocking that class. for now at least..

i've almost completely organized my room. it's taking forever! i guess one would say i have a lot of stuff... i'll post pics soon to show how cute it is! (or will be very soon)
milli sure does like our new house!
((she's a little spoiled))

i've been trying to do some yard work too! it's a jungle out there.. pics to come!

i've been meeting lots of fun people, and doing lots of fun things! there's always something going on here in good ol' happy valley.

first byu football game vs. the washington huskies. we won!! go cougars!
dancing with my ladies!

i love my roommates and we have so much fun together! 
this is going to be a great semester!

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